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Flexion Bike Fit is Edmonton’s only independent professional bike fitting service offering one-on-one bike fitting and sizing services. The most: experienced, certified, and equipped bike fit studio in Alberta.

Whether you are comfortable with your current fit and want to further optimize your position for power and efficiency, or you need your first bike bit, Flexion Bike Fit will work with you to build a long-lasting rider/fitter relationship of successful fitting outcomes.

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Bike fitting in a dynamic process. It requires a 'fitter's eye' and a suite of technology used for fit confirmation and accuracy. Your feedback guides the fit, while motion analysis tools confirm where in your unique 'fit window' you are. It's the blend of fitting art & science.

Equipment advice

80% of cyclists are riding a saddle that does not fit them, does not provide comfort or suit their riding needs. Having components on hand like saddles, insoles, stems and handle bars means a professional installation of fit related components can occur in your appointment. 


Biofeedback is a process using electronic monitoring, of a normally automatic body function, to train a rider to acquire voluntary control of that function. Biofeedback may used to modify lumbo-pelvic posture to reduce lower back pain, increase breathing efficiency and stability during cycling.


Over 850 documented bike fits included professional to first-time riders.
Certifications from top fit institutions. Bike Fit Canada staff members, International Bike Fitters Institute recognized fitter. Clinical bike fit and performance bike fitting experience.



Cycling in Edmonton's River Valley? Training for an Alberta Triathlon event? Being a Bike Fitter in Edmonton and serving Central Alberta, Flexion Bike Fit is committed to helping cyclists with cycling comfort, efficiency, and the pursuit of personal development on the bike. The partnerships we have developed with Edmonton Bike Shops mean we can also recommend that perfect new bike through a detailed FIT-FIRST approach. 


The goal of your appointment is to create a seamless interface between the bicycle and you. This provides the best balance of comfort, power, efficiency, and injury prevention for any cyclist or triathlete.  Flexion Bike Fit is brand-independent and makes objective suggestions on which bike will suit you best. Bike fits are comprehensive, dynamic and data-driven.

“Cody uses a combination of biomechanical knowledge and technology for his bike fits whereas many other fitters rely simply on a computer program to tell them what is best for the client.  ”

Nick Croken - Riding The Rivet


Looking Forward to Fitting Together!

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