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Case Study - Proprioception & Balance

Body Awareness

All the bike fit adjustments and interventions, from traditional philosophy, may not reduce pain and improve performance.


There are a few things that I want to reference about the brain2body relationship:


  1. The brain has one job to keep you alive and moving.

  2. The control center for pedaling needs return messaging from the body regarding the accuracy of planned movement.

  3. Poor body messaging and integration of other systems lead to poor pedaling mechanics and posture. 

  4. Off-the-bike assessments for vision, vestibular, and proprioception will uncover issues and help design programs to improve athletic movement.

One recent session uncovered opportunities to correct postural issues in a bike fit before adjusting the bike. Upper body tension, due to balance and excessive toe pointing, created compensation paterns and strain on the rider. 

Postural Queuing - (Pre-fit no queueing, Pre-fit postural queuing and Final Fit)
'Side Sitting'
Upper body asymmetry
Head tilt.

For this rider, we looked at his walking gate, along with his balance and proprioceptive awareness. As an avid runner, he uses mimimalist running shoes. During the assessment, I noticed excessive toe point, big toe lift during his walk analysis, 

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