My bike fit experience I have completed over 400 bike fits since beginning my career and continue to work with over a dozen new cyclists a week. I enjoy the process and service of others.

My background in cycling started in marketing back in 2018, working with several Giant retailers and United Sport and Cycle as a digital marketing/video producer. From there the bike bug was born. 

Originally a goalie and a Goalie Coach for my other company Precision Goalie Institute, I took cycling, and now bike fitting very seriously. I am a movement nerd and work with over 250 goalies a year, including those competing in USport Nationals and Team Canada's Women's Development Program. 

My passion and purpose are to serve the cyclist regardless of their level or the price of their bike. In fact, the rider comes before the bike for me. 

I continue to do video production for race events including The Range Gravel Experience and the Devon Fat Bike Race. My cycling industry podcast has been downloaded worldwide.

My bike fit methodology addresses three main athletic and central nervous system requirements:

• Breathing efficiency

• Stability of posture

• Quality of movement


Any bike fit adjustments or interventions made, aim to address these requirements, and typically include: saddle position and selection, foot/pedal interface correction, cockpit modification, and rider cueing. Clients are informed along the way as each step is completed. Beginning from a history take & rider goals, pre-fit physical assessment, cyclist global view, bike adjustments, motion analysis, & bike measurements; riders will feel confident leaving with the appropriate adjustments to their bike/body relationship. 


Flexion Bike Fit provides a satisfaction guarantee with follow-up appointments included with each bike fit service. We use technology on the day of the fit to determine the success of the fit for that day respectfully. Technology and rider feedback, however, are required beyond the fit appointment as you allow for habituation of the new motor patterns. 

Given that I serve riders from a home-based studio and through mobile fits, I can provide these services without extra costs that I’m happy to pass along to the cyclist.

Certifications & Courses:

F.I.S.T. Certified - Road/Gravel & Triathlon

International Bike Fitting Institute - Level 1

BikeFit Level 1 (Foot/Pedal Interface Focus)

International School of Cycling Optimization - Level 1 (Contact Point Biomechanics)

International School of Cycling Optimization - Integrating Leomo into Fitting

IOG Bikefit & Consulting - Essentials of Bike Fitting

International Sports Science Association - Personal Training Certificate


USA Triathlon - The Biomechanics of Cycling in Triathlon Workshop

Z-Health University - Essentials of Elite Performance (2022)

Escuela Técnica de la Bicicleta - Bicycle Frame Building

NAIT - Tig Welding Basics

I continually explore new methodologies and resources to ensure the services I provide are of the highest caliber. Every day, I try and carve time in my schedule, to learn more about bike fitting, and seek the advice of bike fitting mentors.

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