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$205.00 - 2 Hours


Book this session for fat bikes.

This fit is for those that want to crush rides with their ride clubs and friends. Face it, you dream about every ride and have Trail Forks on your phone. Maybe you even ride and electric mountain bike to keep up with your spouse. Get the most out of that mountain bike with a Flexion Bike Fit. This includes electric mountain bikes or E-MTB.


One of the key components of mountain biking is being comfortable in the saddle and on the trail. Mountain Bike Fit can often be overlooked due to riders being on flats or assuming because they are standing, they are interacting with the bike’s geometry at their max potential. The terrain in the Rockies and even Edmonton’s River Valley trails can be technical and challenging, so why not get set up for success and be ready to take on any trail!


Each Mountain Bike Fit  and Fat Bike Fit is an individualized 2-hour fit/coaching session. Your Flexion Bike Fit experience includes addressing both your bike fit and review of form and biomechanics using biofeedback.   




  • Assessment of and required adjustments to saddle height, saddle fore/aft, saddle tilt, cockpit length, handlebar drop and lever postion. 

  • Foot structure with recommendations for arch support. Riders have unique and often asymmetrical arch support requirements, which if left unaddressed, create foot pain, loss of pedal efficiency, and unwanted saddle pressure. 

  • A pedal stroke evaluation determines whether any cleat adjustments are needed, including wedging for varus (inward) or valgus (outward) deviation.

  • Current fit assessment 

  • Discussion of tire pressure and suspension for performance - MAY BE CONDUCTED ON-TRAIL

  • Biomechanics assessment - a great fit is only as good as your commitment to holding the position. Postural muscles work to allow power muscles to do their job.  

  • Before and after review of adjustments and complete explanation of changes

  • Free follow-ups for 90 days


Here at Flexion Bike Fit our rider/fitter partnership is a journey and not an event. We will work together to achieve a positive outcome in your bike fit. 

Given that I serve riders from a home-based studio and through mobile fits, I can provide these services without extra costs that I’m happy to pass along to the cyclist.


Prices are in $CAD and do not include applicable taxes. No hidden costs however if changing a fit-related component (such as a stem, handlebars bar tape, or saddle) are approved by those costs are separate. 



  • Click the BOOK NOW link below

  • Indicate the type of fit required: Road, MTB, Tri, or Mobile, etc…

  • Choose time and day interested in a session.

  • Having a home-based bike fitting studio allows for flexible hours for your bike fit.



  • Cycling Clothing should be worn during your bike fit. Cycling shorts and a jersey or snug-fitting top are best.

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