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BIKE Sizing

$275 - 3+ hours as needed (60-75 for sizing and 75-90 for the final fit)


The Most Comprehensive Sizing Service in Alberta!

Buying a bike online? How about an E-Bike fitting?


Asking yourself, "What size bike do I need?" or "What size frame should I buy?"


Remember this, a new trend in bike fitting, for good reason, if FIT FIRST - BUY SECOND. Consider that manufacturers have evolved their sizing charts and designs over the years. Buy a new $5,000 bike from a sizing chart leaves a lot to chance.


Here's what I mean:


  • Some brands have four sizes for each gender/platform while others have five and this may lead to you being in between sizes, like a pair of jeans.

  • Crank length, stem, bar width, frame stack & reach, steer tube angle, and seat tube angle and offset can all affect how much 'range' a fitter has to work with. 


How Does It Work?

Let’s take the guesswork out of “Will this bike fit me correctly?”. 


In this service, we start with a sizing session on an EXIT MKII, in conjunction with Video Analysis, to find the best possible frame which allows you to be in the best possible cycling position. Once this is completed, we then use Stack and Reach to mathematically understand which real-world bikes will best re-create that position for you. Then we will establish a list of bikes to go and demo ride or provide some better peace of mind for that online purchase. The Pro’s Closet is fantastic, but not all bikes fill all riders the same. 


Once the purchase has been made, head over to the Flexion Bike Fit studio for your final fitting. 


This service also includes a complimentary follow-up visit for any minor adjustments that might be needed within the first 30 days.

Given that I serve riders from a home-based studio and through mobile fits, I can provide these services without extra costs that I’m happy to pass along to the cyclist.



  • Click the BOOK NOW link below

  • Indicate the type of fit required: Road, MTB, Tri, or Mobile, etc…

  • Choose a time and day interested in a session.

  • Having a home-based studio allows for flexible hours for your session.



  • Cycling Clothing should be worn during your bike fit. Cycling shorts and a jersey or snug-fitting top are best.

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