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$250 - 2.5 Hours


Need your bike fit but don’t have a vehicle rack on your Mini Cooper?


Flexion Bike Fit was doing mobile fits well before the studio was up and running. Therefore I have experience in providing a convenient home-based bike fitting service. Bike fitting is a one-on-one process that can be done in the privacy of your home to suit your schedule. This service is for any style rider - road, mountain and triathlon. 


If a home-based fit is something that you feel would work for you, please consider some of the basic requirements:

  • Roughly a 10x10 space

  • A flat surface (no carpet)

  • Rider-specific bike, cycling shoes and cycling clothing

  • Prior to fit a short interview is required in order to gain information about both rider and bike.


Flexion Bike Fit’s Mobile Services offer a personalized bike fit in the comfort of your home. Performing the fit in your preferred space provides an excellent environment for great results. 

Given that I serve riders from a home-based studio and through mobile fits, I can provide these services without extra costs that I’m happy to pass along to the cyclist.



  • Having a one-on-one environment in the privacy of your home allows both fitter and rider to focus on the task at hand without interruptions.

  • If components need to be purchased in order to improve your position, I recommend that you go to your bike shop of choice. There are many great Edmonton Bike Shops and I will guide you to which one might have what is needed.

  • My hours are flexible and accommodating to suit your needs. We can always find a time to schedule a fit session.

  • A low overhead allows me to set a fair price for a bike fit session.



  • Click the BOOK NOW link below

  • Indicate the type of fit required: Road, MTB, Tri, or Mobile, etc…

  • Choose time and day interested in a session.

  • Having a home-based studio allows for flexible hours for your session.

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