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I take pride in building great customer relationships. Happy riders make for faster, safer riders and these are just some of the responses I have curated from riders I have worked with.  

When a rider books a bike fit at Flexion I remind them we are on a journey and not present for an event. This means all clients are welcome to complimentary adjustments for 90-days. Our bodies need time to adjust to new patterns and often the outdoor rides provide some additional feedback on the bike/body relationship.

Cody has been great to work with! A pre-appointment intake questionnaire meant that the actual bike fit session started with measurements and assessments right off the bat maximizing this time to collect the data that needs to be measured. He was receptive to all feedback and quick to make suggestions. Plus he checked in regularly as follow up which makes me feel confident to make changes, knowing that they will be reassessed! Looking forward to ongoing collaboration. Thanks Cody!

Anna Rogers


Cody is methodical and personable, he asked questions, took measurements and changed things one at a time till we arrived at a point that was better than previous. We didn't change much, knowing that small changes tested out in the field may prove to be enough or might require more tweaking. Overall the experience was of dealing with a professional that understands small changes need to be adapted to before more changes. I look forward to working with Cody again.



I recently had a bike fit completed by Cody.  It was a great experience, he was very knowledgeable in what was best for my comfort.  My riding experience is now more enjoyable because of the adjustments he performed. I would recommend everyone to get a bike fit by Cody!  



Cody is a consummate professional who really cares about his clients. He really listens and does an amazing job providing exactly what you need. Cody's wide breadth of knowledge was very impressive as he used it to get me set up in a way that I never knew was possible. Would highly recommend!



I recently had Cody complete a bike fit for my latest addition to the stable. Having experienced a professional bike fit for my road bikes, I know firsthand how a well-fit bike makes the miles much more enjoyable. It was great to get technical, talking bikes, anatomy, and sharing knowledge as we worked our way through a few adjustments that I am confident will be a success. I am looking forward to many happy, gravelly miles this summer, knowing that I can reach out to Cody with feedback to dial in the comfort and performance I am looking for. Thanks Cody!

Wendy MacKay

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