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Elite Cycling

2021 was a year of working with all ranges of cyclists including those representing Canada and Alberta. Together, we work towards marginal gains, from the smallest adjustments to analysis and refinements. These athletes possess that special spark that makes working with them so exciting. I look forward to being a part of their cycling journeys. 

IMG_3591 2.JPG

Sidney McGill

It's been a blast working with Sid! From the initial assessment to the work we completed virtually while she competed in Quebec to matching her 2nd CX bike for Worlds. We have tested different insoles, stems, and saddle coordinate configurations with success at the top levels of competition.


Ryan MacDonald

This rising track star stopped by the studio this fall before flying to L.A. and back to Milton. The big guy and I auditioned over 30 saddles looking at Leomo data to drive our selection decisions. Ryan also wanted to test different cleats systems.

Look for him to represent Canada at the highest levels. This guy is super motivated.


Chantel Widney brought both her bikes into the studio this year. She's all about the little details and maximizing her performance. We utilized the Exit MK2 Fit bike and Leomo to trial different positions on her bikes with optimal saddle heights for each platform.

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