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$150 - Two 45-Minute Sessions

Riders can couple movement analysis and real-world riding conditions.  This service will confirm position stability, dead spots, aerodynamic optimization in advance of a fitting or post a fit to determine sustainability of new position or highlight real world issues prior to a fit session. 

We will gather data in the studio on the following:

  • Pelvis stability

  • Torso angle during load

  • Pedal efficiency 

  • Bilateral lower extremity asymmetries 


The data nerd in you will love this package which requires a 45-minute session in the studio to capture data and video and provide cycling biomechanics feedback followed by booking a session on the road for the data collection on various conditions.

Feedback is then provided in a report for further coaching/development.

Given that I serve riders from a home-based studio and through mobile fits, I can provide these services without extra costs that I’m happy to pass along to the cyclist.


  • Click the BOOK NOW link below

  • Indicate the type of fit required: Road, MTB, Tri, or Mobile, etc…

  • Choose time and day interested in a session.

  • Having a home-based studio allows for flexible hours for your session.

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